Tuesday, June 14, 2011

two creation stories

art by Moze.... Shawn A. Mozolak
Harvey S. Mozolak
of seven days
de-voiding darkness
with light’s lifting eye
cascading tears of joy
to land and seas
jungled and coraled
seeded with stars
that swim Asteroidea in oceans
and in the space between galaxies
where lower in the breath of this planet
birds will one day inspire
rockets and Trochilidae as helicopters
cattle with horns and automotive horsepower
and those made from the mud
male and female
in the divine image
blessed fruitful to multiply
fill and subdue
to have dominion
for good and for God

on a day
following the resurrection
from the ruin of time ended death
in the authority of all heaven and earth
the waters
again commanded divided
light baptizing night with sight
from a mountain
even ignorant earth rising
to spire worship above doubt
thrice for the name
and the creating of the new
that is always
nationed beyond the borders
of the end of all days
this the age of earth
the remembrance of God
the I AM with us

Holy Trinity Sunday Readings:   Genesis 1.1-2.4a and Matthew 28. 16-20

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