Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lectionary 16
Luke 10. 38-42

meal and more at Bethany
 Harvey S. Mozolak


a priest and Levite
from the region of Jericho
at an Inn
sitting at the feet
of a certain Samaritan
called good
who has paid for supper
and more
telling them stories


Martha’s house
Mary’s room
the welcoming word
and the Word a well
the sign come home
do you set the altar with silver
if the Christ is already there?
do you open a book or scroll
if God is already speaking?
how do you vest the ears
and paten the heart?
Martha’s dishes clattered
in preparation
while Mary herself a plate
silent empty ready
on which the meal is served
at a supper
where the food
is and changes
the conversation

Lectionary 16
Luke 10. 38-42

 Harvey S. Mozolak

is there enough salt for the meat
enough meat for all
or just enough even for him
the bread soft enough
wine cool enough
the vegetable sufficiently crisp
the cup and plate
enough beyond ordinary
for his hands to hold
worried and distracted by many things
that which cannot be taken away
at the sated center
one thing
the God who needs
to be needed
in the flesh of the Christ
at supper
the hearing home
where he welcomes

works and prepares