Thursday, November 28, 2013

and for those who want a XPmass Proclamation of more traditional sort but yet newly written, I composed the following verse a few years ago and used it in both my last parish in Pennsylvania and my recent interim parish here in North Carolina:

Christmas Proclamation
Harvey S. Mozolak

long many long years ago
generations multiplied by a multitude
ages before eons and epochs
God saw this evening and day
and it was good
as the child lay holy in the hay

before light opened its eyes
to see the sea and seething stone
mound and cool as hills cast in mountains
the fish flash and birds in flight
man astonished at woman
lifted from his side beneath his skin
here a child from no man
but of a virgin’s belly boldly born

waves and waves ago
deep through the tides of time
well after the last lashing splashes
of the flood deluged the world
he washed ashore our flesh
a band of blessing light
new covenanted bent and bowed below
the reign of God
divine dew on the cold rock of the fodder feeder

centuries beyond the centenarians
Sarah and Abraham
who seeded the stars and plowed the sands
with myriad grandchildren’s feet
he came a shock to David’s stock
young maiden Mary of his tribe
too young and pure to know her womb a home
but God comes there by holy promise
to live and grow within and do without

where overwhelmed
drowning in captivity to sin
faltering like Pharaoh’s chariots floundering in the sea
as Moses-child to Egypt from his mother’s arms
he goes out to free his people
to save like Boaz his starving ancient mother Ruth
and rescue like the Judges
Gideon Deborah Barak Sampson
and Samuel last and also priest
anointing David boy of little Bethlehem
king prophesied so small
unknown and insignificant
beside the royal Rome that Daniel saw
with richness and in fear
the power and  peace

this the pax
at the right time
conceived by the Holy Spirit
thus after nine months of darkness
tabernacled by Mary’s ribs
fed by the flow of blood
near her consenting heart
born dropped down
like dawn from heaven
this we proclaim
God stakes out his fatherly kingdom
among us with his Son
now even in this year this day and hour
of our annual solemn joyous celebration 
full-throated in gloria-alleluias

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

For those who are leaning ahead as everyone does into the December doings, a Christmas Proclamation inspired by the words of W.W.   For those who do not know, the Proclamation is sung on Christmas and traditionally recounts the salvic events by dates from the Old Testament to the birth of our Lord.  This one is a bit more contemporary than simply its words... it begins with the birth and jumps to Hodie (Today). 

Contemporary Christmas Proclamation
Harvey S. Mozolak

In the 2013th year,
less several as can be miscalculated under eternity,
in the roughly 1980th year after the certain death
and glorious resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ
he still comes to those who worship and adore
at manger, cross and the altar of his resurrection
where the proclamation is not fearfully announced
through archangelic presence
but by the sinful ordained
who tell of mercy laid low
and magnificence hidden
though without angelic choirs
the Gloria is only sung by weak human voices
embraced by organ, trumpet, string and drum
and where often more modest than ought to be
gifts are bought in procession
as plates and cups for the faithful
receiving incarnate Body and Blood
and departing used to offer food and filling
peace for those in need
in the name of the frail Infant and mighty Savior
in this year, day, hour, now.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christ the King
Harvey S. Mozolak

enthroned in November’s swirling winds
his train moving among the shifting leaves
beneath ladders laid against cold peaked roofs
reaching up in defiance of December’s freezing death
to place long lines of light readied for his coming
in the dark from the woman’s cave
to be enslaved by blood and breath

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Harvey S. Mozolak

when we came to the place
called “dead-head”
we hung “Yahweh-saves”
among the lost who had stolen
his crime forgiveness and restoration
“king of the captured”
shouted the soldiers in mockery
his head thorn-studded in cruel crown
full of remembering
those who deserve only his rule
mercy’s sentence
"you will be with me"
among the living
growing and flowering forever

Christ the King
Luke 23:33–43

Monday, November 11, 2013

Harvey S. Mozolak
at the edge
there are stones
we walk along them
beautiful rocks
set for a distant view
with drawings of hope
words of loving remembrance
many sprayed with flowers’ burst
in today’s color
we do not awake in a grave
or commute to cemeteries
only funeral staff work in graveyards
the young are not schooled
with desks among rows of tombstones
but each day is lived along the edge
near the end of time
and the beginning of eternal endurance
where souls are counted
as radiance around the Triune Head
whose words and wisdom
cannot be withstood or contradicted
but heard as invitation
verging beyond as entrance
the universe upheld
growing in a woman’s belly
king to subject among the sticks
November to December’s
raw edge of earth defined by heaven

fringed in straw

Lectionary 33Luke 21:5–19

Thursday, November 7, 2013

first grades
Harvey S. Mozolak

schools have begun this custom
in recent years
that must attempt to teach
some positive value
large rocks
easily three feet wide
and several high
appoint the entrance
and exit driveways
where presumably parents
or artsy aunts and uncles
paint student names
outlined with butterflies fireworks
and other splashy colored
things around perhaps a month
and day that marks one assumes
the child’s birthday
a somewhat strange custom
as a practice perhaps
for the next time the letters
will be ground more permanent
in stone
and the next date far less celebrative
when the grading
will be deeply elemental
after Halloween
Harvey S. Mozolak

the day after Halloween
many masks ripped
most flashlights dying dim
some costumes left inside out
the candy sorted
the best sealed in a clear plastic bag
the better to see the good stuff

a walk outside in the crisp air
stiffens the skin
and passes pumpkins
showing their wrinkled age
aided by now cold candles
there the tailed outfit left discarded
on the road
a dead opossum
the day after Halloween
is there any chance
that the dark pool is fake blood
under his unmoving head
and seemingly stiff curled tail
or has he hung up his costume?
fire bush

bushing out from the branches
the flames
fingers of faith reaching
for the tongues of God singing
children of the resurrection

human births will end
no marriage or need
of the families of earth
for God is the future
his presence the present
the past is past for glory

heaven a bursting with belief
undying like angels
in ceaseless winging
flight enthroning Yahweh

we this tree’s leaves
that never fall
among fruit fermented for forever
at Christ’s table

Luke 20. 27-38
Lectionary 32