Friday, February 15, 2013

re: signation
Harvey S. Mozolak

fingerprints on the weapon
that brought death
upon hundreds in a single hour
willing victims presenting faces
fore in a temple
for the shock of the scar
of the wound
ground in dirty graceless grit
of that once where the world
thumbed its nose at God
heart and thoughts
fixed on dead lifeless limbs
limp but for the drawing
firm slash
of the sign in ash

later in the evening
even after soap and bath
the grains of skin
where sin’s end was announced
are inked with these words
you are and shall return
furrowing the flesh
dusting the earth
imprinted with God
and the violence we magazine
below the carefully rifled
lines of shafts and wood stocks
we all keep as our rights
amending the created good