Saturday, October 29, 2016

All Saints Day
Luke 6.20-31

Jesus looked up ... at his disciples
Harvey S. Mozolak

blessed are the less
least and nothing
for they are the more
of the God
who counts the greatness
of the empty

who are these who wear
the red-rinsed robes of righteousness
around the altar albed for praise
aproned in white kneeling in the dirt
at the feet of the poor and hungry
wiping the eyes of those who weep?

they are the hated, excluded, reviled and defamed

do not withhold from those who beg

even the bare basket is blessing
placed before
the God who is hated
cursed, abused
struck on the cheek
and stripped of good

as you would…
have has been done


the halo of humanity
Harvey S. Mozolak

God chooses as a halo
at night
for his Son
the Christ
a young woman
of the tribe of David
Joseph her betrothed
and shepherds
fresh from angel-covered hills
their hairy arms and wild wings
encircle the kadosh of God

God chooses as a halo
during the day
tax collectors and widows
fishermen and lepers
prostitutes and the persecuted
the hungry and the blind
their gnawing crying needs
encircle the hagios of God

God chooses as a halo
at noon
a mourning mother
frightened John
spear-armed soldiers
several cross-imprisoned thieves
and a cursing merciless crowd
their blood-soaked eyes
surround the sanctus of God

God chooses to dim
in the day of the Son
the hot haloing heilos
for the glare of grace in the nude
as the darkened earth trembles
at the good of God
pierced by evil
draining holiness
a blood flooding
the pus and poison of soil
and those who plow and plant it
for an unseen harvest
the hollowness of the furrow

filled with the hallowedness of God