Saturday, August 6, 2016

sabbath liberty
Harvey S. Mozolak

bondage to a back
eighteen years
with tendons tied
almost two decades
sinews sewn bowed 
a chunk of childhood
muscles muddled
or the wealth of youth
arthritis wrongness
or warped the choice of age
coiled crippling spirit
we wanted to tie
and bind to a day
when he couldn’t loose
eternity on the present
healing at disease
salvation for the imprisoned
a crook in the week
the sabbath God
at work
watering the thirsty
tethered to time
like mangered beasts

Lectionary 21

Luke 13:10-17

Thursday, August 4, 2016

division’s sum
Harvey S. Mozolak

three agains two
two against three

water swells
from the well 
of Names with the Name
far beyond the heavens
and rains the reign of God

baptism unites
the flood pools
drowns the stain
and spill of soil
and floats to dry land
a faith-shod people

led by pillars of clouds
and fire
and a sandaled righteous rabbi
at home praying 
between the columns
of the Temple
and walking
teaching and touching
limping beggars
the blind and diseased
beside the stoney paths
amid beaten lives
at village funerals
and among the demonized

his baptism joins
him to us
his he said
much after 
Jordan with John

I have a baptism
with which to be baptized
and what stress 
I am under
until it is completed

peace pulled beneath
in undertow
division’s draining 
not of water but of drought
kindling dry dead branches
to cross the hot hewn trunk
boiling blood
evaporating breath
in the noon sun 
fueled by burning 
in the raging tongues of hate
sown deep within the family
weathered by warnings
from the Presence
clouded by the present time
The Three for all

Lectionary 20

Luke 12. 49-56

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

good pleasures given
Harvey S. Mozolak

a casket on the dresser
small treasure trove
containing all that is left
when possessions are sold
the heart set in Christ
a candle beside it
lighting the wedding picture on the wall
of the banquet table
wood ladened
with bread and wine
veiling body
knife forking blood
a living knock at the door
company expected
but at an uncertain hour
fear flutters only in the window curtains
echoing the clatter of empty closet hangers
and dust-owned floors
as the house is emptied
for movement to the mansion
where servants at meal
sit with the master
unwrapping gifts stolen from death

Lectionary 19
Luke 12. 32-40
as good as dead / Sarai on the shore
Harvey S. Mozolak

dropped between the sands
a small stone
fallen from the ring of those who loved
so deeply
they encircled the stars and sea
in their hope for forever
the diamond loosened in a crushing wave
her hand releasing his
for moment
to swim alone and right herself
the gem slipped unseen
into the water
clear as its clarity
slowly rolling ashore
with the broken
shorn of shape and worn
where she having noticed
its brightness gone
its edge of remembrance
no longer felt against her flesh
now searches frantically with a flashlight
in the darkening hour
somewhere near where they wore
the sun as clothing
as good as dead the trust
that she will find it
amid the countless sands
and numberless night eyes of the sky
the moon glints on a single facet
or was it one of the stars' glances?
a single hard crystal
among the many white and brown
grey opaque
and broken hulls of the hidden
when they marry she wears a gold shell
about her neck
a piece of common sand
from that beach
glued in its center
and her fingers turn the ring prayerfully
after the birth of their first child
accounting beyond translucent life
of harder unseen wealth

Lectionary 19
Genesis 15. 1-6