Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Harvey S. Mozolak

butter on bread
not yet harvested
a Picasso plate
of a-maized yellow
palette-knifed in a slash
toward the light
afield high to the east
growing brighter

Saturday, June 16, 2012

flexible inflexibility

Harvey S. Mozolak

futile waving at a wave
gnats in a midair undulating net
swirling the air in currents they create
with some unified
matted will of obstinacy
swerving to block my way
too much a nuisance not to swat
but mostly miss or merely alter
some course but not the sum
readjusted in an instant
to conform to whatever curtain
is deemed the best obstruction
opening closing
their wings an almost heard
staging directions

Thursday, June 7, 2012

arbor vult

Harvey S. Mozolak

a pine cone
in the middle of the road
awaiting what?
a wheel to crush it
allowing it more easily
to move to dirt
and seeding
the swirl of a hind’s passing hoof
scurrying squirrel
to move it beyond the middle
a rabbit’s interest
to stop and investigate
it closer to the side
either one
although it fell from the east
and was hoping
in its own unthinking way
for some help against the wind’s will
and toward the treeless meadow
and the rock
where a fat snake
suns itself