Thursday, March 3, 2011

too sharp to swallow

Harvey S. Mozolak
“let this cup pass from”
the walk along
the window on pain
a hospital
down a long corridor
to a waiting room
a series of glass enclosed displays
of healing
of the past
photographs and instruments
the apparatus of nursing
implements of the operating room
trappings for the bedside
and medical office
kept by a doctor or two
pharmacological  paraphernalia
documents and bottles
among them
a chaplain’s abandoned tools
their blackening silver
a priest’s small chalice
and empty paten
the bowl of the cup
half filled with a score
or more of the tacks
hopefully merely forgotten
whose companions hold the pictures
and anchored objects to the display board
“in remembrance of”

(actual object of the poem in a first floor display case at St. Margret’s Hospital, Pittsburgh PA)

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