Thursday, March 24, 2011


Harvey S. Mozolak

it is usually somewhat after
a sonogram
the special sound within
made to echo seeking creation
that gram and great-gram
grand-pops aunts and uncles
cousins get the news
of the fresh expectation
that will shortly distend the belly
and the heart

hers was well…
before such possibilities
the paintings often show light
beyond simple or natural source
holy harmony and resonances
too difficult to paint
but her ear heard
chambered first the announcement
unknown to her mind or mood
in that sixth month
in a town in Galilee called Nazareth
Mary a house never entered
an address not yet known
now greeted and favored
“the Lord is with you”
The Word within
for he after your extended bearing
shall be greater
called Most High
reigning without end

a dove sits in a tree
outside her home
limbed wings casting a sheltering shadow
over the opened doorway
to new spoken possibilities
Mary in swelling dress
and smiling remembrance
carries her daily water vessels
flour for bread
clothes and cloths for washing
serving beyond the needs
now of betrothed Joseph
family and herself
thinking of her cousin Elizabeth
who should place her ancient ear
to her young belly and hear
of these unbelievable things….

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