Thursday, March 3, 2011

ages of ages

Harvey S. Mozolak
it was an enormous tree
the article read
so large
several men with linked arms
could not surround its girth
for this reason
a bore was taken
an intrusion into its ringed ages
that would announce
it predated the country
in which it now grows
to towering heights
all ancients then long buried
as roots of those now living

take the cross
any one of its branches
from some wall
corridor or chancel
and drill deep within
to its core
nails have been useful
for this task
but reading of a gospel works
the same
instead of encircling years
the unending figure of eternity
is touched by drying cellulose
stained by ruin
red and cut
postdating time
and seeding long after
all trees fall
with silent heard obeisance   
in a country as yet
while named
unwalked unpathed by foot

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