Thursday, February 26, 2015

a few more commentary thoughts on Lent 2 Gospel

Perhaps it is Mark's attention to detail, he who writes of the GREEN grass who also notes that Jesus teaches that he must undergo GREAT suffering (polla pathein)... peak passion, terrible torture... again we might struggle some with whether it was whip, thorn, nail and scorching sun that are the GREATNESS of the Passion or whether it was all the world "not setting their minds on divine things", the rejection by even those closest like Peter and all those who want to take gain and profit from the world rather than from the creator and redeemer of the world, the Son of Man who is the glory of the Father and the glory of the holy angels.  

Next thought: We like to think the stuff we do wrong, our faults and failures are certainly rebuke-able things but as Jesus addresses Peter beginning the dueling rebukes, Jesus responds that the duel involves Satan using Peter as his weapon against God. Rather strong, that our Lord does not say Peter is acting in a satanic manner but rebukes Satan by name. This is a forceful occasion. Mark has a number of exorcisms early in his Gospel (1,21ff 5,1ff, 6.7); might one consider this also something of an exorcism of Peter?  

Recently, in studying St. Mark's Gospel for Bible Class I was again reminded that the theme verse is usually isolated as 10.45, the greatness in service text, but 8.35, saving and losing life, certainly sounds like another take on the same theme to my ear. 

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