Monday, October 3, 2011

peculiar cousin

Harvey S. Mozolak

an often odd relationship
some quite unknown forgotten
and others as close as friends
a family larger than siblings
one young enough to be a son
another as old a mother
with children the age of her child
kin counterpart
different the years of John
wading in water
preaching of detached relationships
from the river bank
older than Jesus by a mere nine months
dissimilar their keels and courses
though their mothers’ cargos
once hailed an exchange
passing full holds in the deep sea of age
the priestly son’s sail of camels’ hide
going over the horizon
before the other’s mast
begins leaving port to claim a distant
once unreachable shore
odd sent from God
to cry prepare this annoying locust-like
wild cousin
wilderness chirping chant to change
hauling safe anchors aboard
yet greater strange the range of heaven
to Mary’s son
plain level cousin-dom
even brother with the weird and wild of us

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