Tuesday, October 4, 2011

greeting the book

Harvey S. Mozolak

the ritual is to kiss
a lectionary book
as in the more familiar communion pax
for it is the very Word of God
that after all before all
the everlasting
created everything everywhere
from galactic masses and holes
to hares that disappear beneath
and locusts that swarm above

like the baptizing John
fed into his mouth
and crunched and chewed
like sin
swatted repented destroyed
with a swallow of honey-sweetened
spring water feeding the Jordan
that read
the gold-edged pages bound in blessing
lifted to close with devout drama
and kiss
as my lips moved to embrace
with love its law and grace
marked mercy with ribbons
clasped by thick red leather
there flattened dead and stuck
where beneath the volume’s weight
of glory it died
ingloriously somehow this past week
a somewhat pressed grasshopper

this made my act of devotion
in living shock and surprise
thus eating words
in prophetic Ezekiel-fashion
scrolled a napkin before the meal

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