Tuesday, October 11, 2011

jello salad

Harvey S. Mozolak

one could hope
for unadulterated yellow
an unsullied tropic orange
with no shredded carrots
floating half alive
confused of flavor
but red cherry and the deeper dark the same
raspberry similar
but then there is lime green
alone not a favorite but passable
until a full can
of fruit cocktail is drained
of everything
its juice closer to a toasting mixture
than any of the chum
pale skin-shriveled grapes
which could be Halloween eyeballs
pears barely fruit
some surly pineapple bits
the peaches are the only soft chunks
that pass in suspended contamination
for what they are
in the jaded jell
while the cherries for a kid
suggest some hope
with their color
and infrequency
halved quartered sectioned
but even several on a spoon
extracted do nothing
for the dish or tongue
“next time crushed pretzels dear
“you will enjoy them”
send me to my room
with no bed of lettuce

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