Friday, April 15, 2011

palm-tossed blessing

Harvey S. Mozolak

from stripped trees
that now look more naked
timber stark and arid
the fronds on the road
here and there
especially where a rock
hides beneath or the branches
overlap each other
the donkey’s tread
is heavy plodding
sure and slow
toward the stone arched gate
this indeed is where he deems to go
the crowd shuffling along beside
keeping up especially for the children
with the chanted march
others with cries have entered
thus to conquer
someone sings Hosanna
as they do at temple
on the holy day
an echo returns and enlarges
from the nearing walls
some who arrive and leave
Jerusalem join the gathering
did David not once do this?
dancing with the ark
to the side in the shadows of the shops
a small clot of faces
whispering plotting discuss
pushing him off the beast
where he might tumble to the Kidron
the steep stones and outcrops
kill him Hosanna indeed
this is the place that will unseat
the highest powers for peace
the master’s seat shifts
among the cloaks
forming his temporary saddle-throne
as he slips to the side
followers halt and help him upright
they do not die
touching God’s hidden presence
for he awaits yet the holding pole
the priestly lifting
the one offered for the all
in his ascent to death
naked on a stripped tree
timber stark and arid
before the boxing of the covenant
and the cherubim’s announcement
under the wings of dawn
of newness blessing

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