Friday, September 30, 2011

host of questions

Harvey S. Mozolak

ranks of angels?
so said to be
is it necessary that an alarmingly great
lieutenant lead
the Bethlehem shepherd’s field choir
and that an arch-general Gabriel
startle the virgin girl with the Word embellied
or for fiery ones’ seraphimic-suck to heal
serpent slurp from the wounds of Israel’s poisoned
do cherubim only have the correct-sized pinions
to cover the covenant box with full holiness and awe?

or are their ranks such
so that they may stand on each other shoulders
to witness the creation of all things good
and wing-in glory
hang rank on rank to plunge low enough
to peek within the straw
and marvel at the smallness of all-God
rank obeying rank ray the Easter sun
for the sergeants of the sacred
to dismiss the Roman guard in fear
and supply the weeping women
with death-breaking news to share

ranks like commander saint Michael’s army
guarding the Garden closed and barred
its forever-flowers’ faces
shut throughout the long night of sin
until accompanied by trumpets
silver shouting commands of this world’s guardians
the band of messengers call
for flesh to join all spirits at bright parade
for rest and joy
and the end of all bent and twisted questions
these unseen exclamations awaiting
surrounding God
ranks rejoining the embodied

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